Richland Bombers
Class of '63 - 35 years later
Picture scanned and submitted by: Linda BELLISTON Boehning

~~~~~~~~~ Want a LARGER view??? ~~~~~~~~~~
Left Side - BIG ~~~ Center - BIG ~~~ Right Side - BIG
Left Center Right 35-year Reunion

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MB=Missing Bombers (at the reunion, but missed the picture)

Cam APGAR-MB, Jim "Pitts" ARMSTRONG-18.

Linda BELLISTON Boehning-52, Rosean BENEDICT-MB, Frosty BERG-40, Pat BEZZIO-59, Dick BOEHNING-46, Donna BOWERS Rice-50, Greg BOYD-45, Don BRACKENBUSH-67, Jill BUTLER Hill-14.

John CAMPBELL-68, Donni CLARK-13, Anita CLEAVER-60, John COONS-MB.

Lynn DAVENPORT-17, Francis DAVIS-61, Linda DAVIS-27, Lamont DeJONG-37.

Ann ENGEL-33.

Ray FISHER-69, Richard FLORA-72, Connie FOSTER-16, Betsy FULLER-44.

Gary GILMOUR-71, Diane GRUNWALD-54.

Jim HAMILTON-12, Jean HAWLEY-MB, Dean HEILING-10, Diane HILL-15, Rob HILLS-19, Paul HIRST-26, Jim HOUSE-42, Barb HOWE-56.

Dave ISAKSON-41.


Joe KAVECKIS-47, Patti KEENEY-38, Karen KLEINPETER-25, Arlas KLUCAS-24, Terry KLUTE-66.

Gary LeCLAIR-22, Micki LUND-49.

Marianne MATTHEWS-MB, Carol McKENZIE-58, Shelley McCOY-MB, Chuck MEYER-23, Linda MITCHELL-57, Johnny MOORE-65, Perry MOORE-1, Fred MORSE-3.


Adele PAULSEN-5, John PERKINS-20, Rod PETERSON-35, Janice PIERCE-30, Dick PLOWS-2.

Mike QUANE-21, Rosemary QUALHEIM-53.

Kathy RATHVON-28, Marilyn REW-64, Ron RICHARDS-70, Carolyn ROE-36, Marie RUPPERT-34.

Freddie SCHAFER-62, Gary SCOFIELD-11, Tony SHARPE-7, Judy SHIBLY-31, Michael SMAHLIK-51, Denny SMITH-9 Maureen SMITH-MB, Pook SMITH-43, Linda SNOW-MB.

Jerry TAYLOR-48, Marilyn THORP-56, Paul TURNER-8.

Mary Ann VOSSE-29.

Jeanie WALSH-39, Sue WARREN-32, Lloyd WEST-6, Don WINSTON-MB, Kenny WRIGHT-MB.

E-mail me with person's # if you can fill in any of these blanks

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