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Project Map -- with pictures
including North Richland Phase II construction Camp, Army Camp Hanford,
Hanford Engineering Works (HEW), Hanford Construction and Columbia Camp

Pictures with no particular year
100 Area 200 Area 300 Area 700 Area Alma Mater
Amon Park / Riverside Park Atomic Frontier Days Arctic Circle Atomic Laundry
(in Pasco)
Bali Hi Motel
Bauer Day Houses Big Pool Bock's Car B-29
USAF Museum
Bomber Bowl Bowling Alley
Bridges Bus Station Busses By's 10 Carnation Milk Trucks
Castle Club CC Anderson's Children of the Manhattan Project Churches Co-Ordinate Club
Columbia Camp
near Horn Rapids Dam
Comstock Campbell's DDT Truck Densow's The Desert Inn
Diettrich's Market Dorm Cafeteria Downtown Downtown Thrifty Dupus Boomer
Elite Shop Fallout Shelter Fat Man Federal Building Ferry
Fight Song Fire Prevention Week Fire Station Grade School Pictures Green Hut Cafe
GWWay & Lee Hanford VIPs Hospitals Irrigation Ditch Knights of Columbus
Little Boy The Mart Municipal Bldg. North Richland Pennant - Richland, WA
Pennywise Drugs Police Staton Post Office Rainbow Station Richland - arial
Richland Laundry Richland Residential Richland Road Richland Theater Rose Bowl
Safeway SeaFirst Bank SmokestackSouthend Spudnut Shop
Star-Vue Drive In Symons/Goethals Stores & Gas Station Tastee Freez Thayer Drugs Thrifty Drugs - Downtown
Uptown Richland Village Market Village Theater WHitehall Williams/Perkins Gas Station
Wright Drug & Grocery Stores Zip's Peace Peace Peace

History Before the Bomb

1940s Stuff
Houses that Hanford Built 1940s Civil Defense Booklet 1942 Employee Handbook on Espionage
1943 Highlights of Hanford Booklet 1943 - 1944 Richland High School Staff 1944 Hanford Construction Camp - stats/pics
1944 1947 1948
Dupus Bomer
1945 Hanford Engineer Works Phone Book 1945 Richland Street Names Information
August 6, 1945
Manhattan Project Certificates
August 14, 1945
1945 First Richland Day
1946 Sagebrush Follies 1946 Green & Gold Handbook 1947 Hanford Engineer Works Phone Book
1947 Richland Day II 1948 Flood
1948 Atomic Frontier Days
Peace 1948 - 1949 Jefferson Grade School Staff 1949 Playing with Turtles
1949 Going to Kindergarten 1949 Marcus Whitman Patrol Boys 1949 Ice Jam


1950s Stuff
1949 - 1950 Jefferson Grade School Staff 12/13/50 Map Sample 1950 - 1951
Jefferson Grade School Staff
May 17-18, 1951 Future Bomber Dancers 1951 - 1952 Jefferson Grade School Staff 1952 - 1953 John Ball School Student Council
1952 - 1953 Lewis & Clark Grade School Staff 1953 Forest Camp Trip 1953 Soapbox Derby
1953 Doll Contest at Riverside Park Sept, 1953 Picture Parade Magazine Cover 12/25/53 G.E. News Suggestion Board Luncheon
1953 - 1954 Lewis & Clark Grade School Staff 1954 Cub Scout Pack 49 1954 - The Rivers Brothers
1955 - 1956 Christ the King Patrol Boys 1955 Richland, WA Promotional Booklet 1955 Bowling Tourney
1956 Col Hi Band 45rpm 1956 Cub Scout Pack 33 1956 - The Littlest Angel Christmas Play - Jefferson Elementary
1957 Atomic Stationary Engineers 9/29/57 - Holy Name Sisters 1957 - 1958 Jason Lee Glee Club
1957 - 1958 Jason Lee Patrol Girls 1957 - 1958 Spalding Patrol Boys 1958 - 1959 Spalding Patrol Boys
9/30/59 G.E. Father-Daughter Banquet Peace Peace

1960s Stuff
1959 - 1960
Lewis & Clark
Grade School Staff
1961 Christ the King Choir Boys July, 1961 - McMurray Street Hobos 1963-64 Spalding Grade School Staff

1970s Stuff
Nuttin' from the 1970s

1980s Stuff
SRO Bomber Gym
May, 1980
Pullman, WA
1988 John Ball Reunion 1989
National Geographic Bomber

2000 Stuff
Feb, 2000
Beth Pederson ('61)
April, 2000
Mrs. Lund
May, 2000
Rattler "T" Plant Loading Dock
June 29, 2000
Wildfire in Benton City

2001 Stuff
2/28/02 - Seattle Quake Damage May, 2001 - Prom outfits from Duct Tape
2001 - Mr. Bonjorni 7/29/01 ~ The Vietnam War Memorial
Moving Wall
11/30/01 ~ Club40 Christmas Party My BOMBER Christmas Greeting
Jim Mattis ('68) - RHS BBall Mgr.
to Brig. General

2002 Stuff
1/14/02 ~ Wobblers

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