December 21, 1945 ~ Hi-Spot opened in the W-17 Women's Dorm.

Hi Spot Club in Women's Dormitory #17
1946 Original location of Hi Spot club - Women's Dorm #17

Text from the 1946 Columbian:
     The Hi-Spot Club was organized to provide the teen-agers of Richland with a place and means of recreation and enjoyment.
     This club is run entirely by teen-agers and is sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. It is open to any teen-ager who resides in Richland and has a membership card.
     At the beginning of this school year, several representatives were elected from each class to meet with the Jaycee sponsors and draw up plans for the organization of the club. This group arranged for all the details needed to open a club. The Hi-Spot was formally opened on December 22, 1945.
     In February, 1946, it was decided that the club would be enlarged to include the upstairs of Dorm W-17, as well as the downstairs. Due to this fact and the increased amount of work, several new representatives had to be elected from the student body. Those elected were: Jon Ericson ('46), Norma Schick ('46), Rowland Griffith ('47), Joan Long ('47), Betty Sargent ('47), Pat Sheeran ('48), Pat Doctor ('48), Jack Davis ('49) and Charlene Quigley ('49).

After most of the dorms were torn down Hi-Spot moved to the Community House on George Washington Way.

28 Hi-Spot pictures - thru the years ('46 thru '61)

(2001 -- before Community House demolition began)

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