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This idea needs to be put in motion for every class... by (probably) whoever does the reunion booklet each year. This idea came from Tom ALBERT ('69). Pick your OWN week end and get started.


Reunion Schedule for the Class of '69

Our reunions will always be held on the third weekend in August (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) thus the scheduled dates are as follows:

45 Year Reunion ~ the 15th, 16th, and 17th of August, 2014
50 Year Reunion ~ the 16th, 17th, and 18th of August, 2019
55 Year Reunion ~ the 16th, 17th, and 18th of August, 2024
60 Year Reunion ~ the 17th, 18th, and 19th of August, 2029
65 Year Reunion ~ the 18th, 19th, and 20th of August, 2034
70 Year Reunion ~ the 19th, 20th, and 21st of August, 2039
75 Year Reunion ~ the 19th, 20th, and 21st of August, 2044

Some may wonder why we aren't listing dates for an 80 Year Reunion but I/we guarantee you one will be held if enough classmates are still kicking to enjoy such events as wheel chair races, bedpan horseshoes, cane/crutch fencing, and denture hacky sack to name a few. One can only hope that DNA advancements will happen fast enough in our lifetime :O).

Reunion Events for the Class of '69

The events listed are the ones "Set in Stone" but their locations may change depending upon availability. Some may wonder why a major dinner/party is not listed but at this time we are following the "KISS" principle but changes can always be considered over time.

FRIDAY NIGHT - Get together at the "Hanford House" lounge (currently called Ripples) - 6pm till closing - 802 GWWay

SATURDAY NIGHT - Get together at the "Hanford House" lounge (currently called Ripples) - 6pm till closing - 802 GWWay Note: No, you're not seeing double. It's simple and convenient and primarily we just want to get together to enjoy each other's company.

SUNDAY NOON - Family picnic at Columbia Point (turn at Winco off of GWWay and drive to the parking lot beside the river on the end of the road). It's a potluck affair so bring something to eat and drink and share with your fellow classmates.

Reunion Special Events for the Class of '69

At this time NONE of the following is planned for any of the upcoming reunions but they can always be spearheaded, planned, communicated, and coordinated by classmates as desired.

Events such as:

FRIDAY DAY GOLF - Test your skills at Columbia Point, Horn Rapids, Canyon Lakes, or the West Richland Golf Courses - Typical tee time would be 10am with a lunch to follow.

SATURDAY MORNING (9am) Tour of Richland High School - Yes somehow there might be Spudnuts and coffee for those brave enough to get up this early.

SATURDAY DAY NOON Wine Tour and Lunch - This could be, as it has in the past, at the Hedges or Chandler Reach Wineries.

Note: Over time we may come up with other choices/options for mid-day visiting among classmates and this information could/would be disseminated at our Friday night get together.

Reunion Communication for the Class of '69

The date/time and makeup of our reunions will be communicated as follows:

Alumni Sandstorm on the Web at

Class of '69 Web Page This article and any pertinent changes (i.e. locations, venue, etc.) will be posted there.

Your Email - As long as I have a valid email you will receive a notification prior to any reunion. This assumes I'm still kicking. :O)

Mailing - We will send ONE mailing to communicate this "Set in Stone" reunion information prior to our 45 year reunion. After that we will rely on electronic communication and the fixed schedule posted.

Just know that when the 3rd weekend in August is upon us, on our five year cycle graduation date, we will have a get together that we would like you to attend if at all possible.

MEMORY BOOKS for the Class of '69

I will attempt to update our class database/memory book with your contact and personal information that you desire to share before each reunion. Obtaining this update info will be done via phone, internet, Facebook, and certain search mediums to the extent practical. Once we no longer have valid contact data on a classmate the old contact data will be removed but any additional family info or comments by the classmate will remain unless directed otherwise.

When Memory books are available they will be provided at a break-even cost if pre-ordered and you'll receive them at the reunion. There will be a small postage fee ($2.00) if I need to send the book to your address. Current content will not vary except updates from classmates, the dedication to fallen classmates section/listing and/or if I or any of you have ideas to spice up the books.

I will have memory books created based on up-front ordering (two months prior to the scheduled reunions) with a few more added for those who didn't order in advance to be purchased at our reunion.

Other Costs of the Reunion for Attendees

No cost for attending but drinks and food at the lounge can add up. Special events, if held and attended, will have a cost associated with them.

Yes, we will have a donation jar at the venues to defray mailing costs and the City of Richland rent on our Sunday picnic gazebo and a few eats, but hopefully it will only be minor expenses that need to be covered going forward.

We have requested (and received) a special room rate from the "Handford House" for the 15th and 16th of August, 2014. The rooms and the rate are based on an "as available basis" with the cost being $109 per night for up to four individuals so please make your reservation in advance (1-800-733-5466) asking for "Richland High School '69 discount" if you desire a room.

Other Hotels to consider:

Hampton Inn 943-4400
Shilo Inn 946-4661
Days Inn 943-4611

Red Lion Hotel 783-0611
Comfort Inn 783-8396
Days Inn 735-9511

Red Lion Hotel 547-0701
Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites 543-7000

Classmate Information

Please fill out the form below if you want changes to your current information in our class memory book and/or order a memory book. I encourage you to share anything you want with classmates such as hobbies, family, skills, vacation favorites, web sites, pictures (family, pets, etc.) (ensure you send as high a resolution as possible for pictures), poetry, recipes, and such.

Current content for you in the memory book is pasted below if you're receiving this via email or it is attached to this page if you were mailed a hard copy (I always prefer an email response back as copy/paste is faster). As a minimum we would like to include your physical address information, phone number, and email address in our memory book if at all possible. This information is only distributed to classmates who purchase memory books and is not published/distributed electronically unless permission has been given by you to have it listed in our Class of '69 Web Page at:

Classmate Update/Memory Book Ordering for 45th Reunion

___Leave my information as is

___Change my information as indicated

___I would like an updated memory book and will pick it up at the reunion Cost is $11 each payable on Friday or Saturday night

___I would like an updated memory book sent to me as I will not be attending. Cost is $11 each plus $2 for shipping. Send payment with any update info to me.

___Please add my email or
___Please remove my email from Class of '69 web site

Please list your updated information below
Classmate Name: ____________________________________
Please send updates via email if possible to
Or mail to Tom Albert 1531 Thayer Dr. Richland, WA 99354
Make checks out to "Tom Albert"
Questions?????? Call Tom at 509-713-6865
Update required by July 1st to be entered in memory book... thanks -----------------------------------------------------------

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