ALL Bomber Twins

...and THREE sets of TRIPLETS
(class of 1999. class of 2014, & class of 2015)!!!!

Class of '54 has the most with 8 sets of twins
Class of '66 second with 7 sets.
Class of '95 is in 2nd place with 7 sets.
Class of '62 is in 3rd place with 6 sets.
Class of '64 is in 4th place with 6 sets.

Class of '51

Murvelle and Ozelle Baker
Larry and LaVerne Osterman

Class of '52
Don (WB) and Donna Willis

Class of '53
Joan Fae and Jean Rae Greiter

Class of '54
Judy and Bill Allan
JoAnn and Barbara Bott (Honorary)
Betty and Eddie Goaky
Bill and Forrest (Goodenow) Terry
Diane and Sue Hale
Maureen and Helen Meehan
Loretta and Loraine Murphy
Ernie and Joy Simpson

Class of '55
Mazie and Dale Lockhart

Class of '56
Bonnie and Barbara Kirkwood
Winema and Winona McGilvery

Class of '57
Paul and Allan Shepard
John and Betty Parker

Class of '58
Cora and Dora Clark
Marge and Frances Ingmire

Class of '59
Alvin and Calvin Thomas
Patrick ('60) and Patsy ('59) Thompson

Class of '60
Patrick ('60) and Patsy ('59) Thompson
Denny and Danny McDaniel
Christine and Christopher Romanelli

Class of '61
Carol Jean and Jo Ann Macy

Class of '62
John and Peter Beaulieu
Dianne and Dorothy Bosso
Jerry and Larry Douglas
Gerry and Jerry Hexum
Viola and Violet Milander
Henry and Linda Parker
Glen Neitzel ('62) and brother Gail ('63)

Class of '63
Glen Neitzel ('62) and brother Gail ('63)
Barb and Kathy Berkeley
Jackie and Judie Cole
Bob and Bill Hyatt
Dolly and Donna Koshman

Class of '64
Thairyl and Shairyl Austin
Bill and Mary Bailey
Jim and Mary Bowman
Kim and Lynn Carpenter
Carol and Helen Evans
Don and Donna Woods

Class of '65
Doris and Deigh Bates
Bill and Bob Gaines
Terry and Tony Holcombe
Dave and Steve Liddington
Sharon and Greg Markel

Class of '66
Jeannine and Richard Ericson
Bob and Roberta Grout (Honorary)
Margaret and Mark Magula
Linda and Richard McClelland
Kathy ('66) and Ken ('67) Miller
Janet and Leta Ramerman
Lloyd and Linda Swain
John and Paul Waggoner

Class of '67
Shelley and Candy Gladstone
Carol and Linda Kulick
Jeannette and Jeannine McGee
Kathy ('66) and Ken ('67) Miller
Joan and Janet Smith

Class of '68
Patrick and Suzan Barnes
Janet and Jean Davis
Nancy and Tom LaRiviere
Mike and Mary Lynch
Roger and Rodney Smith

Class of '69
Bob and Betti Avant
Gale and Dale Gunter
Carol and Claire Rediske

Class of '70
Jan and Joel Barber
Don and Ron Campbell
Don and Lon Draper
Marjean and Dean Last
Nancy and Shirley Moore
Ron and Don Trujillo (Honorary)

Class of '71
Lavette and Lavonne Baker
Joe and Kristi Magula
Richard & William Rathvon

Class of '72
Jan and Gina Ward
Dona and Lana Pfeifer

Class of '73
Ralph and Randy Lettau
Lynn and John Richardson

Class of '74
Mike and Patti Guinn
Terry and Linda Hutson
David and Diane Ledingham

Class of '75
Klay and Kent Welsch

Class of '76
Mike and Rick Humphreys
Debra and Denise Pietz
Sharon and Karen Polk

Class of '77
Mark and Mike Mattingly

Class of '78
LaVerne and LaVonne Johnson

Class of '79
Mark and Jill Johnson

Class of '80
Lori and Lynn Bisping
Herb and Kirby Jackson

Class of '81
Dawn and Denise Backer
Mark and Maryanne Jones
Kurt and Kent Kafentzis
Gary and Larry Madsen
Lisa and Lori Smith
Lori and Loni Wilson

Class of '82
Wig and Jumbo Davis
Annie and Jannie Gunter
Bob and Brian Robison

Class of '83
Don and Dan Dovey
Terry and Merry Woodford

Class of '84
John and Paul Phillips

Class of '86
Kim and Katie DeVilleneuve

Class of '87
Kris and Karey Huske
Teresa and Trudy Jones
Dan and Deanna Korten
Cheryl and Sheila Reisenauer
Becky and Kathleen Wahler

Class of '89
Leslie and Jodi Lenz

Class of '91
Rick and Dana Gardener
Jason and Janet Glover
Ami and Danielle Hill
Dan and Danielle Hoover
Crystal and Cheryl Schwenk
Joe and Jen Thomas

Class of '92
Regina and Renee Morris
Becky ('93) and Justin ('92) Kimball

Class of '93
Becky ('93) and Justin ('92) Kimball
Kevin and Ryan Ollerman
Denny and Danny Payne

Class of '94
Kirk and Bret Morris
Matt and Noah Weatherford (Honorary)

Class of '95
Deidra and Damian Ash
Christina and Regina Contini
Lisa and Tricia Dean
Amy and Melissa Kobelski
Ryan and Scott Peart
Angie and Tom Sichler
Angie and Shaley Tucker

Class of '96
Austin and Heather Slater

Class of '99
TRIPLETS: Cady, Eric & Kent Salisbury

Class of '01
Keith and Kyle KNIGHT
Lindsay and Bethany SUCH

Class of '02
Rebecca and Joshua HANSEN
Christine and Jessica LIU
Katie and Diana POWELL

Class of '03
John and Michael MARTY
Matt and Scott SHOEMAKER

Class of '04
Megan and Chris MELBURG

Class of '05
Andrew and Blake ANDERSON
Kelcey and Tiffany BROWER
Renee and Kurt SCHLIEBE

Class of '06
Nick and Ryan COVERT
Jacob and Rachel ELLIS
Amanda and Lindsey JOHNSON

Class of '07
Evan and Andrew "Drew" BERRETT
Molly and Meaghan KESSIE
Mike and Amanda PENTTILA
Christina and Michelle STRATTON

Class of '08
Andrea and Jeannie ARTHUR
John and Laura SAMPSON
Devin and Stephane WRIGHT

Class of '09
Caitlin and Caleb PARKER

Class of '13
Joel and Maria CRUZ-NUNEZ

Class of '14
Eric and Kamara HOFFMAN
Michael and Nathan STREUFER
TRIPLETS: Hayley, Ashley and Christopher PURVIS

Class of '15
Lindsey and Scott CLEMENTS
John and Kaleb CORNELISON
Kyleigh and Zach McKELLEP
Carson and Chad MILLER
TRIPLETS: Hailey Cheyenne, Heather Chandelle, and Zachary Christian WATKINS

Class of '16
Courtney and Caitlin TURNER
Jennifer Christen and Kelsey Anne OLSEN
Tyson and Tanner ROBINSON

Class of '17
Julien and Luci ABRAMS
Jamie and Jeffrey DEATHERAGE
Madison and Nathaniel GANGL
Eunkyu and Inkyu KIM

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