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1909-1910 Basketball Season
Coach: Brittain
Richland, 13 ~ Kennewick, 20	(L)
Richland, 14 ~ Kennewick, 23	(L)
Team Players: Walter Timmerman, Paul Granlund, 
Jay Long, James Fallon, Phillip Shireman, Brittain

   According to local weekly Kennewick paper; this is
Richland's first High School Basketball Team. Apparently
all school age kids went to school in the same building.
High School age kids formed their own Basketball Team to
compete with other local area High School teams.
Brittain was a player/coach. As far as I know these two
games are the only two games recorded for Richland.
Also, the first name of Brittain was not recorded.
Richland's first High School was built the following
year in 1911 and served the small community of Richland
until April of 1944 when the student body moved into the
newly built Columbia High School to complete the 1943-44
school year.
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