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List of RHS 1912 graduates as reported in Kennewick weekly newspaper
Richland news notes:

Edith Fisher
Paul Granlund

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1911-1912 Basketball Season
Richland High School (Richland, WA)
Coach: Moulton G. Clark

Richland, 56 ~ Finley, 12
Richland, 10 ~ Prosser, 12 (L)
Richland, ** ~ Finley, **
Richland, 25 ~ Pasco, 23
Richland, 30 ~ Kennewick, 25
Richland, 24 ~ Pasco, 9
Richland, 27 ~ Prosser, 29 (L)
Richland, 31 ~ Ritzville, 22
Richland, 47 ~ Kennewick, 27
Richland, ** ~ Waitsburg, **

Team Players: Clarence Yedica ('15), Phillip Shireman,
Walter Timmerman ('14), Arnold Burmaster, Paul Granlund ('12), 
Eugene Mitchell, Wesley Zornes, Lou Sanders

   These scores are the only ones recorded in local area
newspapers, Prosser weekly newspaper, and in the 1912
Pasco High School annual.

**Missing scores were not reported. Weekly newspaper
reporting of High School athletics of this era had a
unique style all its own. More often than not: there
would be a commentary of a particular game and the score
would not be reported - or an up coming game would be
listed and then the next week no mention of the game
would be reported.
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