Richland Bombers
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RHS in the early 50s

This site is dedicated all our deceased classmates.
May they rest in peace.

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Patriciann "Pat" ALLEN Patton, Isabelle ANDERSON Wolfe, Norma ANDERSON (deceased) 1931-2007, Norma Jean ANDERSON Manley (deceased), Roberta Parsons ASHER, Sandra ATWATER Boyd (deceased) 1934-2004,

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Murvelle BAKER Wilson, Ozelle BAKER Krukowski ~Email, David Ralph "Dave" BARNETT ~Email, JoAnn Joyce BARRON Skow (honorary)(deceased) 1933-2015, Evan W. "Bud" BARTLETT ~Email, Margie Marie BASH (deceased), James Phillip "Phil" BELCHER (deceased) 1933-2014, Betty June BELL Norton ~Email, Betty Ann BERGER Kleinhesselink (deceased) 1933-2000, Gerald Irving "Bud" BEWLAY (deceased) 1933-2000, Henry Stanley "Stan" BJORKLAND ~Email, Arlene Dorothy BLACK Epperly, Leslie "Les" BLACKWELL ~Email, Joan Lee BLUM (deceased), Kathryn BODE (deceased), Betty Jean BOGGS Whiting ~Email, James Herbert BORG (deceased), Charles Franklin "Charlie" BOWLS (deceased), Beverly Marlene BOYD Schalin ~Email, Annette Ruth BRADLEY Forsythe ~Email, Patricia Jill "Pat" BRIMHALL Madaia (deceased) 1933-2012, Earl R. BROWN (deceased), Russell Leroy BROWN, Jr., George Edward BROWNING (deceased) 1933-2015, David Walter "Dave" BRUSIE (deceased) 1933-2008, Margaret Gail BUESCHER Graham ~Email, Mary Ann BURNETT Gray ~Email, Raymond E. "Ray" BURRESS ~Email, Dale BYROM ~Email.

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Don CALLIHAN, Diane CAMPBELL (deceased), Robert Dean "Bob" CAMPBELL (deceased) 1932-2002, Connie CANFIELD, Thomas James "Tom" CARNEY (deceased), Robert Steven CLANCY (deceased) 1933-2006, Robert D. "Bob" CLATWORTHY. Sr. (deceased) 1930-2004, Barbara Ellene CLEMENT Wright, Frank Collins, Jr.(honorary) ~Email, Robert COOKE ~Email, Dolores "Jo" CRAPEAU, James "Jimmy"/"Lee" CRAWFORD (deceased) 1931-2003, Jack Duane CREIGHTON (deceased), Jerry Neil "Culver" CULVERHOUSE (deceased) 1932-2003, Quay Bradley "Brad" CUTSHALL, M.D. (deceased) 1934-2003

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Jorth D. "J.D." DAVIDSON (deceased) 1932-2003, Kenneth DAVIS, Donald B. "Don" DEAN (deceased) 1932-2002, Patricia Lou "Pat" DeMILLE Godfrey, Anne Rene Dewane Hollick (deceased) 1934-2010, Paula Sue DOCTOR Werry (deceased) 1934-2010, Charlotte June DOSSETT Holden ~Email, Margaret Ellen DOWIS (deceased), Marguerite DREHER Trent, Cecil A. DROTTS, Glenda Joy DRUM Rowden (deceased) 1933-2002, Shirley Rae DRURY Crume ~Email, Murray L. DUNCAN ~Email, Betty DURCO

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James F. EARP (deceased) 1933-2013, Joan Elaine ECKERT Sullens ~Email, Darlene Grace EDINGER (deceased)
, Charles Elvin "Chuck" EVANS, Colene "Roetta" EVERETT Osborn ~Email

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Anna Jane FINCH Blomberg, Robert Elmer "Bob" FINCH, Jack L. FISHER, Robert Gene FLAKE ~Email, Dan Patrick FOELKER, Sidney "Sid" FOREMAN (deceased) 1932-2000, Donald Eugene "Don" FORSYTHE ~Email, John "Irl" FRENCH ~Email, Clarence FULCHER (deceased) 1933-2016, Shirley FULLENWEIDER, Betty "Jane" FUNK Huss (deceased)

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Marcia J. GALBRAITH, Arthur Jones "Art" GARNER, Jr. (deceased) 1932-2001, Harold Gene GARRETT (deceased), Ronald Allen "Ron" GARRISON (deceased), Marjorie GEORGE Wilson ~Email, Josephine Rosetta GIBSON Wood, Richard GIBSON ~Email, Alice GILBERT Daraskavich (honorary) ~Email, James E. "Jim" GILSON ~Email, Robert GRAHAM, Alan Arthur GRANT, Janice Belle GRAY McKee ~Email, Betty Mae GREBE, Jack Durward GREEN, Nancy Ellen GRIFFIN Cutshall ~Email, James "Jim" GROW (deceased) 1932-2007, Robert Francis GUEST.

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John William HACKNEY, Robert S."Bob" HAGAN (deceased), Doreen Kay HALLENBECK Waldkoetter ~Email, George William HAMMONS ~Email, Kenneth LeRoy HAMRICK (honorary) (deceased), Eleanor "Myrle" HAMRICK Ingals (deceased) 1933-2009, EdnaE leanor HANNAN Stewart ~Email, Marcella "Joan" HARBISON Keith, Robert J. HARMAN ~Email, Richard Thorvald HAUFF, Carol Lee HAYNES Finch ~Email, Pat HEISNER Frank, Vivian Darleen HELGERSON Johnson, Freda Kathleen HEMMINGS, Dorothy Jean HICKEY Fisher ~Email, David Russell HINSON ~Email ~ David on Class of '51 in 2001 ~ David on 9/11/01, James Alvis HOGAN (deceased), Gerald Bruce HOSTETLER ~Email, Norman Charles HOWARD (deceased), Marian Faye HOWSER Lemon (deceased) 1932-2003, Henston R. HUFF, Virginia Ann HUNT, Jiwan Westley HUNTER

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David Allen IRWIN (deceased)

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Welthea Yvonne JANSSEN Hill (deceased), Shirley "Ann" JERNIGAN Rimes ~Email, John Clark "Buzz" JOCHEN ~Email, Floyd Henning JOHNSON (deceased} 1932-2008, Martha Helen JohnsonD ugas, Marvin JOHNSON, John Earl JOHNSTON, Jack K. JONES ~Email, Virginia Louise JONES

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John KARNS (deceased), Carol Sue KEENAN (deceased) 1933-2010, Clarence Robert "Bob" Kehres, Jr. (deceased), Lyle Duane KENITZER (deceased), John Patrick KING, Lewis KING, Kathleen Elizabeth KNAPP, Donna M. KRISHER Lane (deceased), Myron Gladwyn "Curley" KRISHER (deceased) 1933-2007

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James Richard "Jim" LAWRENCE (deceased), Martha Lucille "Markey" LEAROCK Keinath (deceased) 1932-2015, Betty Mae LEAVITT (deceased), Lou Ann LEE Aley ~Email, Sheila LEE Barnett, Joyce Carroll LEIBEL Adrian (deceased) 1933-2004, Doris Elaine LEMON Jones, Loretta Marie LIGGETT Levno, Ada "Yvonne" LINARES (deceased), Richard John "Dick" LOCKWOOD

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Phyllis Joan MAJOR Kinsey, Lee MANNING (deceased) 1933-2014, Bob MARCUM (deceased), Gerald Allen "Jerry" MARZYCK (deceased), Madeline Joy MASTERS Huston, Donna Joyce MAUPIN Willoughby, Jerry Lee McABEE, Carl Taylor McBEE ~Email, Anna Mae McCLEARY Williams, Shirley Darleen McCRARAY, Norm Marie "Mickey" McCORMICK Rogers, John McCOY, William Price "Bill" McCUE, Jr. ~Email, Arthur Floyd "Art" McDANIEL, Joan McNEELY (deceased), Donald R. "Don" MEDLEY, Laurel Lee MERKLEY Bell, Mary Ruth MEUWLY Monahagn, Richard Leo "Dick" MEYER ~Email, Don Jacob MEYERS ~Email, Donna Lee MILLER Packard ~Email, Henry Lewis MILLER, Jr., William Whistler "Bill" MILLS, Jr. (deceased) 1932-2006, Barry MOSTELLER (deceased), Yvonne Frances "Bonnie" MURPHY Fawcett (deceased) 1933-2003, Norma Jean MUSSELMAN Pringle (deceased) 1933-2008, John McCoy MUSSER, Jr., Ralph Ray MYRICK ~Email

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Barbara Jeanne Nelson , Ira Carl Nicholson, Jr. (deceased) 1933-2003, Vernon Malcom NICHOLSON (deceased), Harold "Frosty" NORRIS, Jr. (deceased) 1933-2008, Charles James "Jim" NORTON (deceased) 1933-2012,

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Gerald M. "Jerry" OAKLEY (deceased) 1933-2007, Lila Mae OLSON, Geraldine Ann "Gerry" ORREN Strickland (deceased) 1932-2012, Mary Therese OSTERHOLM (deceased), Laurence O. "Larry" OSTERMAN (deceased) 1933-2012, LaVerne Alice OSTERMAN Newstrom ~Email ~ LaVerne's Senior Portrait, Donna Marie OVERSON, William "Bill" OVERSON (deceased)

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Roberta PARSONS Feild ~Email, Donald F. "Don"/"Pete" PEDERSEN (deceased), Peggy Louise PERSONETT Yale (deceased) 1933-2007, Virginia Joyce POE Morrison (deceased) 1933-2009, Robert W. "Bob" POLLARD, Martha Jean PRYOR Klontz.

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Stanley Fulton "Stan" QUACKENBUSH, Beverly Jean QUIMBY Fields.

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Phyllis RATSCH Carney-Crawford (deceased) 1934-2017, Jacquelyn Alice RECTOR, Donna REDMAN ANDERSON, George Edwin RICHARDSON (deceased) 1933-2011, Ramona Dee RICKETTS Dickerson (deceased) 1934-2005, James A. RIGGS, Nancy JoanneRIGGS Lawrence ~Email, Nadine ROBERTS Hackney, Robert J. "Jack"/"Bob" ROBINSON (deceased), Doris Rae RODEMAN Lodermeier (deceased), Dean RODEMAN (deceased), Evelyn Joyce ROGERS Morris, Kenny ROGERS, Betty Jo ROOP Booth (deceased) 1933-2000, Marvin Delano "Marv" ROSSI (deceased) 1933-2910, Sue Cary RYEL Hinkle (deceased) 1933-2012,

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Dorothy Anne SARGENT Rath ~Email, Nasa Marie SAUNDERS, Alton Kenneth "Whitey" SCHELL (deceased) 1933-2010, Gladys Mae SCHMIDT Warren, Patricia Jean "Patty" SCHWEIZER Rehbein (honorary)(deceased) 1933-2010, Irma Jean SEBADE Betts, Carolyn SHADDOCK Smith (deceased), Edward "Ed" SHANE (honorary)(deceased) 1931-2015, Donna Lee SHANNON DeChant, Robert A. SHEA, Jimmie Allen SHIPMAN (deceased) 1933-2011, Jim R. SIEGEL, Robert "Bob" SILVER (deceased), Chuck SMITH, Marilyn Sue SMITH Balliot ~Email, Wilma Jean SMITH Rodrigues McGill (deceased) 1933-2006, Patricia Rose "Pat" SOLOMON (deceased), Robert Olan "Bob" SORICK (deceased), Richard Vaughan STANGER (deceased) 1933-1998, Leon R. STEVENS ~Email, John Neil STEWART, Jr., Ernest "Ernie" STOCKER, Jr. (deceased) 1932-2000, Louise STODDARD Duffin ~Email, Sally Jane STONE, Norma Francine STRATTON Williams, Geraldine Elizabeth STRODE Crain, Jack STRODE (deceased), Diane STROM, Henry Phillip STRUCK, Althea Marie SWEAINGEN Figuracion

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Barbara Doris TAYLOR (deceased), Forest Edward "Eddie" TAYLOR ~Email, Joseph Grant "Joe" TEAGUE, Jim THOMPSON ~Email, Bill L. "Billy Lee" TRACY

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Florence Jeanetta UNGEFUG (deceased)

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Gretchen VOLMER Lee (honorary) ~Email

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Earl L. WAGNER (deceased), Jean Evelyn WAINING Rondazo (deceased) 1933-1999, James Anthony WAKEFORD, Billie Lou WALDREP Golla (deceased) 1933-2003, Colleen R. WARD, Robert Earl "Bob" WATTS (deceased) 1933-2014, Edward Neal "Eddie" WEASNER (deceased) 1933-2004, Paul Vincent WEICHEL (deceased) 1932-2014, Robert L. WEST, Judith B. "Judy" WHITE Gunter (deceased) 1934-2006, William "Bill" WILKINS ~Email, Charles Bruce WILLIAMS, Loree May WILLIAMS, Moree May "Mazey" WILLIAMS, Floyd Mack WILLOUGHBY (deceased) ~ Click to send e-mail to Floyd's sister, Jessie ('60), Shirley Ann WILSON Methaney (deceased) 1933-2005, Gilbert Eugene "Gil" WINCHESTER (deceased), Don Carlos WINGFIELD (deceased), Walter Eugene "Bill" WINSLOW III (deceased) 1933-2004, Betty Jo WOODS Gimarelli ~Email ~ Betty Jo Woods 50 year Reunion in 2001

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Ann R. YALE Dawson (deceased) 1934-1988, Jack YALE (honorary)(deceased) 1932-2017, Don YOST, Patricia R. "Pat" YOUNG Haigler ~Email

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