God Bless America

We honor our 1963 classmates who served in the military.

Paul ABRAMS (Air Force)
Kenton "Kenny" ANDERSON (Army)
Roy BALLARD (Air Force)
George BARNETT (Air Force)
Ed BARRETT (Marines)
Peter BAUGHER (Army)
Earl BENNETT (Air Force and Navy Reserve)
Dick BOEHNING (Army)
Greg BOYD (Army)
Barry BRISTOL (Navy Air Corp.)
Mary Jane BRADY (Army)
Jon BURNLEY (Air Force)
Ken CARLSON (Navy)
Bill COATES (Navy)
Bob COTTRILL (Air Force)
Tom DAILEY (Air Force)
Lynn DAVENPORT (Air Force)
Richard DAVIES (Air Force)
Richard DeGRAW (Air Force)
Dick ENDERS (Army)
Larry FAUBERT (Army)
Ray FISHER (Army)
Richard FLORA (Army)
Joe FORD (Army)
Larry FRYMIER (Navy)
Chuck GARDINER (Army)
Darrel GLASFORD (Marines)
Jimbeaux HAMILTON (Army)
KC HAMMILL (Air Force & Air National Guard)
Dave HANTHORN (Air Force)
Myron HENKE (Navy)
Norm HILL (Navy
Bob HITCHCOCK (Air Force)
John HOPKINS (Army)
Jim HOUSE (Marines)
Pete HOUSLEY (Army)
Scott HOUSTON (Air Force)
Keith HUNTER (Air Force)
Bill HYATT (Army)
Ted JOHNSON (Air Force)
Brent JOYCE (Army)
Frank KENDALL (Air Force)
Jerry KERN (Army)
Terry KLUTE (Air Force)
Donna KOSHMAN (Army)
Mike LAHRMAN (Marines)
Garland LASATER (Air Force)
Gary LeCLAIR (Army)
Duane LEE (Air Force)
Ralph LEE (Army)
Bob MATTSON (Marines)
Dale McLEAN (Coast Guard)
Lane MERRYMAN (Navy)
Bob MOORE (Marines)
Perry MOORE (Army)
Fred MORSE (Navy)
Brad MOSTELLER (Marines)
Jim NEWELL (Army)
Larry NEWTON (Army - medic paratrooper in Vietnam)
Mike PEASE (Navy)
John POYNOR (Army)
Mike QUANE (Army)
Darrell RENZ (Army)
Howard SAVARE (Marines)
Freddie SCHAFER (Air Force)
Dennis SCHODT (Air Force)
David SCHULTZ (Army)
Gary SCOFIELD (Army)
George SHARP (Air Force)
Peg SHEERAN (Air Force)
June SMITH (Navy)
David SOWDEN (Marines)
Larry STEPHENS (Air Force)
Mary Jane STOAKES (Marines)
Milt SZULINSKI (Air Force)
Bob TAYLOR (Army)
Jerry TAYLOR (Navy)
Alen B. THOMPSON (Marines)
Paul TURNER (Navy)
John UNSER (Air Force)
Sherri WARD (Air Force)
Mike WIITALA (Navy)
Rob WILSON (Air Force)
Kenny WRIGHT (Army)
Diane ZELLEY (Army)
Alan ZUMWALT (Navy)

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God Bless America

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